Wearable Slim Wrist Watch Gaming Gadget

24 Aug 2009
In: Gadgets

wmgame01.jpg wmgame03.jpg wmgame05.jpg Game just becomes tiny smaller, and this time have an intelligent designer Wilson Song see which game device, the Samsung World Championship. World Cup game comes with the opportunity wrists on a slap bracelet worn straight back to the 1980s.[Read More…]

Wrist Mosquito Repeller / Killer

24 Aug 2009
In: Gadgets

wm1.jpgwm2.jpgwm3.jpg Mosquito Repeller uses an advanced technology insect repellent that makes outdoor living and other interesting activities of nuisance mosquitoes. He works for protecting you when you fishing, camping, hiking, jogging on the golf course, or just at home on the patio or porch.

# Features: Mosquito Repeller
# Dragon Fly Repeller
# Support red light
Strap #
Cover # 6-8 meters

Package includes:
# 1 St. Wrist Mosquito Repeller (battery included)