wristwatch-tattoo.jpg just on the right hand Wrist, just a Journey through time to show under the skin. Tattoos electronics, radio and synchronization with a remote control. No batteries needed, just working with the movements of the body.

If you use the word implies, in general, do you think of the time that you have on your wrist. Well, someone is trying to extend the definition. There is not much information about the design, but I think at the moment, a single concept. The idea is a subcutaneous implant, or “Electric tattoos that are as a clock.

It uses the natural kinetic energy of the natural energy production (in contrast to certain times, does not exist) and how it uses a wireless signal to be synchronized with external clock which is correct. He does turn on when your wrist is Up for look. Very good idea if you could work.

The tattoo on the electric clock, which is always there, either. It is also expected that the brightness glow if you hold your wrist sometimes. I can not help but question whether the guy has a month and day on his left hand.

Well, I personally believe that the device as a kind of the nature of the relationship between technology and humanity. I think we are not far from the Borg technology is so similar. This reminds me of a strange tattoo, that Russell Crowe think in A Beautiful Mind.

But I tell you, the readers decide. Leave a comment if you think that a divergence in the nature, or just a technological advance.