Wearing a Rolex - A Rolex is, and always has been a symbol for greatness

9 Mar 2013
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bobs.jpgHollywood has been a buzz with exciting and prestigious events over the past few weeks, and that trend is not going to stop for quite a while.

From the Grammy Awards, to the NBA All-Star weekend in Houston this year, to the much and always anticipated Oscars, celebrities have a pretty full dance card, especially those who are in high demand at the moment.

The one thing that never seems to be skipped over whenever any one of these major celebrity sightings is being discussed in the media, is that of the fashion. Who’s wearing what, who designed the dress or the suit, but just as importantly as the clothing that the stars are adorning, is the jewelry in which they choose to laden themselves with for this special occasion.

For women, earrings and necklaces are always on the top of the list, but more and more in recent years, the timepiece selected by any celebrity has been examined under the media microscope.

A watch is no longer just a great way to have the local time on hand whenever it is needed, but it is now a statement. Long gone are the days that a watch is labeled an accessory. What better way to make the statement intended, than to wear a Rolex?

Wearing a Rolex
says that you only wear the very best with your suit or dress, that the best hand crafted timepiece to accompany you to the flashing bulbs and microphones on that illustrious red carpet is one that is trusted and world renowned. A Rolex is, and always has been a symbol for greatness, style, elegance and precision.

There is no doubt that on the red carpet of the Oscars, a Rolex will be worn, just who will be wearing one? Regardless of this, wearing one none the less shows great taste, style and impeccable decision making.

With so many choices for timepieces out there, the reason that Rolex has been the staple for the top tier in watches is no surprise. The attention to detail and the storied history that comes along with each piece, simply cannot be matched.

Omega Seamaster James Bond Mens Watch 2225.80

7 Dec 2009
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omega2225.jpgomega22252.jpg Omega watches have been a standard for quality and excellence for over 150 years, when the company began as Switzerland’s first watch manufacturer. When elegance and strength come together to form an extraordinary timepiece, the result can only be an Omega wristwatch. Omega watches are proud to be endorsed by many of the world’s leading athletes and celebrities, the most prominent being James Bond 007. The Omega Seamaster watch made its first silver screen debut in 1995 in the James Bond 007 movie Goldeneye. The Omega Constellation, Omega Aqua Terra, Omega Speedmaster, Omega double eagle, Omega Broad Arrow, and Omega Co-Axial series are on sale at Amazon at competitive prices. This watch has an automatic movement with a 44 hour power reserve. Love the blue face and the skeleton hands are very unique and make using the chronograph a breeze and reading time very easy. This watch is very substantial/heavy so if you have small wrists it may not be the watch for your. Has great weight and balance to it. The watch looks classic. The design on this is now dated. Serrated edge of the bezel is inferior to the coin edge that one finds on the Planet Ocean and on almost all the sport Rolexes. With a Co-axial movement, only time will tell if George Daniel’s design holds any water in the long term (especially with their marketing strategy of Co-axial == less frequent servicing).
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